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The SLC Group

If you started your business to make a difference, you understand how vital healthy cash flow is for sustaining your vision. Poor cash flow can not only wear us out and put our companies (and our impact) at risk, it can limit the quality and reach of our work in the world.


The SLC Group was founded with a commitment to empowering purpose-driven leaders with smart money-management tools and resources. Our goal is to ensure the best businesses for the world are set up to thrive! We help clients maximize profits, manage risk, and scale their impact.


The Profit First system is central to our work.


As a certified Profit First Professionals firm, we have been trained rigorously in what it takes to successfully and sustainably implement Profit First so you see results quickly, and for the life of your business.


Businesses that are up to big things need more than someone crunching your numbers. You need a guide, an advisor, and a coach supporting you in building a long-lasting, profitable company - one percent at a time.

Our Team

Our Team

Stacey (2).png

Stacey Bennett

Founder & Vision Setter

The SLC Group was born from the conviction that GOOD businesses need financial prowress to thrive sustainably and make a lasting impact. 


In 2018, our Founder, Stacey Bennett, watched a nonprofit she loved deeply close their doors due to funding cuts and financial strain. The heartbreaking closure underscored the vital need for financial acumen in sustaining purpose-driven ventures, and it fueled her commitment to help other passionate leaders avoid a similar fate.

Over the years since, Stacey has built her career helping other purpose-led entrepreneurs create companuies and lives they love. In 2021, she bought her first


Emily Thornton

Finance Team Lead

Meet Emily, beyond being an awesome mom, avid runner and biker, college football fan, and local race organizer, Emily brings a wealth of experience in the industry. Since 2012, she has worked as a controller, senior accountant, and financial analyst, among other roles that bring insight and nuance to conversations with our clients.


As a meticulous financial expert, Emily ensures that our clients' numbers are reliably precise, empowering us to deliver effective coaching and strategic guidance.

DMB Headshot (4).png

Dianne Baynes

COO & Integrator

Meet Dianne, our Goddess of Systems. Dianne brings a wealth of experience setting up sane, effective processes to streamline work and efficiency. She knows that everything from billing to onboarding to sales relies on the ease and workability of the systems that support them.


The systems that ensure profitability are priceless. Dianne's expertise ensures that both our company and our clients are equipped with workable processes that promote smooth and steady growth.

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