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We are a small business bookkeeping and consulting firm serving purpose-driven companies and faith-led entrepreneurs.


We bring a shame-free, Profit First perspective to our bookkeeping, payroll, sales tax, and clean-up services.


Beyond compliance, we help companies implement and sustain the Profit First cash management system through our ongoing coaching programs and our premier offering: The 90-Day Profit First Accelerator.


I'm Stacey, Founder of The SLC Group. 

We need purpose-driven businesses to succeed! There are plenty of businesses out there that are NOT creating a better world for everyone, but a new paradigm is gaining traction. If we elevate the companies that are out to make a real difference, we ALL win. 

No mission can succeed without ample resources. We simply can’t afford to put our impact goals and the people and causes we serve at risk by being financially strained. 

We exist to empower purpose-led entrepreneurs with the financial skills, tools, and guidance to create sustainable, wildly impactful companies.


We love making a difference for our clients, because they make a difference in the world. We're proud to partner with them on their entrepreneurial journey, sharing our Profit First perspective. And, we're honored by what they say about us. 

Need more details? Let's Chat!

Free Strategy Session: Get to know us, and learn actions you can take to thrive, now.

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