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“My business opened when construction was completed on our building in August of 2020. We quickly burned through our working capital and were struggling to meet our obligations each month. She then worked with me to teach me how to use the budget and understand what my service rates needed to be set at to help with cash flow. I am still working with Stacey to improve my budget and cash flow knowledge and am so grateful for her expertise.” - Nancy

"Stacey has been an absolute game-changer for my business! I felt empowered with the tools and knowledge to make the best business decisions with the most up-to-date information and a finger on the pulse of my financial heartbeat. Stacey is a true financial rockstar and your partner in success!" - Kerry


If you started your business to make a difference, you understand how vital healthy cash flow is for sustaining your vision. Poor cash flow can not only wear us out and put our companies (and our impact) at risk, it can limit the quality and reach of our work in the world.


The SLC Group was founded with a commitment to empowering purpose-driven leaders with smart money-management tools and resources. Our goal is to ensure the best businesses for the world are set up to thrive! We help clients maximize profits, manage risk, and scale their impact.


The Profit First system is central to our work.


As a certified Profit First Professionals firm, we have been trained rigorously in what it takes to successfully and sustainably implement Profit First so you see results quickly, and for the life of your business.


Businesses that are up to big things need more than someone crunching your numbers. You need a guide, an advisor, and a coach supporting you in building a long-lasting, profitable company - one percent at a time.


"I have had the privilege of working with Stacey and The SLC Group, for several years now, and I am constantly amazed by the invaluable education and support I've received. Stacey's guidance has not only helped me manage my business effectively but has also enabled its growth beyond my expectations. I am truly grateful for her expertise, dedication, and the positive impact she has had on my journey as a business owner. Stacey and The SLC Group have been a true blessing, and I couldn't be happier with the results." - Joshua Sanborn

"What sets Stacey apart from other financial professionals is her empathy. She understands what it's like to be a woman in business and that finances are often the most confusing thing for a successful entrepreneur. Stacey is both knowledgeable and empathetic. I highly recommend her to any business person and especially if you are a female solopreneur like me!" - Elizabeth Anneka


Stacey Bennett

Stacey Bennett


The SLC Group was founded with the intention of modeling the best of what business is capable of creating in the world, and it starts right here with our team. We believe what we do for work should be only one small part of a well-lived life, and we keep wellness, balance, and relationships at the forefront of our team culture.

That allows us to bring to our clients, our whole-selves. Our experience, our expertise, our humanity, and our kindness. We lead by example and learn every day. We know we can’t out give the Universe, and we experience that in our lives and in our company.

Learning is an integral part of our team culture. This commitment to ongoing learning enables us to provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions and strategies. Furthermore, we believe in the power of giving back.

We know what we do for our clients – helping them create healthy, profitable, sustainable businesses – does more than create stability. Thriving, prosperous businesses support their employees, their social causes, and their communities. That is why we are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners master the tools of Profit First.


Our passion for assisting business owners eradicate entrepreneurial poverty with the Profit First system stems from our belief that strong businesses are the building blocks of a strong society. By equipping our clients with the necessary tools and strategies, we help them quickly achieve financial stability and then long-term success. Together with our clients, we are building a strong society rooted in financial stability, growth, and generosity.

We know what we do every day matters. We are grateful for the opportunity to lead and serve.

Founder & Vision Setter


Gineva Tecion

Marketing Team Captain

Dianne Baynes

COO & Integrator


Finance Team Captain

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