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What Laws Do You Live By?

What are the Immutable Laws you operate your business by? That is, what are the core, non-negotiable beliefs and values that underpin how you operate and with whom?

This concept of "Immutable Laws" is one we came across in Mike Michalowics's book The Pumpkin Plan, and it's really shaped the way we think about our work at The SLC Group.

You see, Immutable Laws are not just frilly bits of inspiration that make you and your company sound good. They are immutable - firm, uncompromising, and essential to who you are.

Your Immutable Laws are your guideposts and the needles on your compass that point you towards your true north. By identifying and claiming them as part of you, as part of your business, you give them the power to shape your company, its culture, and your example as a leader.

Here are the five Immutable Laws that drive us at The SLC Group:

  1. Do Good Work. For us, this means we apply ourselves and turn out products we feel good about. We deliver quality in our work, we fix our mistakes, and we see things through. At the end of the day, we will always prioritize doing the job well. We don't cut corners for convenience or expediency, and we don't work with those who do. We may not get it perfect every time, but we will always strive for excellence.

  2. Make a Difference. From the core of our being and the start of our enterprise, we have been about making a massive difference. We believe it is our responsibility to use our success to lift others, serve a greater good, and create opportunities for others to thrive. We share with our stakeholders and with our community. Clients and vendors who do not share this commitment will likely not work well with us - and we're more than okay with that.

  3. Integrity is Everything. We tell the truth, and we strive to always honor our word. Even when it's messy, hard, or uncomfortable, we make choices and take actions that are consistent with our promises. When we can't, we own up to it and take the time to clean it up with everyone impacted - and we do it without making excuses or blaming others.

  4. Always Say "Thank You." Easily our favorite Immutable Law, this one is about focusing on and expressing our gratitude. It's about making sure we communicate and show appreciation for the many people who empower and support our success. Even when things aren't going perfectly, we do our best to stay focused on what is working and on the many blessings and wins worth celebrating.

  5. Own It. We believe in living in the driver's seat of our lives. We take responsibility for our results (and our lack of them!), and we encourage others to do the same. Rather than swooping in to solve problems, we aim to empower our clients to see themselves as the source of their own success. This law also refers to authenticity: embracing who we are and rocking it.

In addition to pulling you towards the kind of business you want to run, your Immutable Laws inform who you work with - your clients, partners, and staff. When you and your stakeholders are aligned in these essential guideposts, there is flow.

On the flip side, when you break or go against an Immutable Law - including working with people whose laws conflict with yours - things go sideways. Sometimes it's karma coming in to make a mess of things, and sometimes it's an icky feeling that just won't quit. In any case, things "not working" is a sure sign that you're somehow off balance with one of your Immutable Laws.

Sometimes it can seem easier in the moment to forget about these core characteristics that drive you, to accept the client, employee, or shortcut that's incompatible with your personal compass. But in the end, there's no way around it. Your business and your experience leading it will always pull for alignment with the most important values you hold.

As an enterprise, we aim to show the world what good business is capable of. One we do that is by being clear and open about the way we work, and trusting that openness to guide us to the people and opportunities that fit seamlessly.

If you're reading this thinking, "This is me!!", then we want to hear from you!! Shoot us a line through our site's Chat box. Connect with us on LinkedIn or Facebook. Or just give us a call (the number's at the top of our home page)! We are nurturing a wide network of professionals, innovators, creatives, and everyday people who believe in something bigger for business, and if you're one of them we want to know you.

If you've loved this blog and you want to get clear on your own Immutable Laws, check out Chapter 4 of The Pumpkin Plan. Feel free to send us what you come up with!

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