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We NEED Mission-Driven Businesses to Succeed

And we know that for companies out make a difference, cash flow is key.

When I read The B Corp Handbook back in 2018, my view of business was forever changed. Prior to becoming aware of this revolutionary business model, I was still jaded by what I saw as Big Business’s detrimental effects on the communities and environment they rely on. Having come of age watching global scandals, bank bailouts, oil spills, and sweatshops plastered across the evening news, there was little evidence in my mind that business and capitalism was a good thing. Even the best of the little guys seemed to trade their mission for profits when it came time to scale. Growth, I believed, was nothing more than a recipe for selling out.

What I learned a few years ago is that companies like Patagonia, Prose, Toms, and Seventh Generation are changing that. These and thousands of other certified B-Corps, or Benefit Corporations, are growing in fame and brand loyalty partly due to their commitment to make a positive difference for the world around them. Their commitment to be governed by a mission, not just a bottom line.

Bound by a legal obligation to consider the impact of their decisions on all their stakeholders (not just shareholders), B-Corps have created a framework for holding themselves accountable to their missions. They focus on sustainability, transparency, employee satisfaction, community impact, diversity, inclusion, and win-win partnerships all around. And to make sure they stay on track, they are overseen by a third-party, non-profit standards board called B-Lab.

Learning about Benefit Corporations restored my faith in business as a possible force for good in the world. And this is what I knew immediately to be true: We NEED these businesses to do well. We need these businesses to grow, to remain profitable, and to stick around for the long haul. We need B Corps and mission-driven companies like them to help solve the challenges we face as global community. From environmental degradation to poverty, hunger, and unemployment, B Corps can harness their social and financial capital to move the needle forward on BIG issues. And that is a very, very good thing for all of us.

Here's the rub though: A great mission and even a great following won’t make a company successful. No cash flow, no impact. A powerful B-Corp is a profitable one, and effective cash management is critical to these companies’ sustaining operations and continuing to make a difference in the world.

Moreso than other companies, businesses with a mission need clearly defined financial models and processes. These guys can’t afford to overspend the revenue they’ve dedicated to charitable contributions, community programs, and employee benefits. They can’t afford to underprice products that are ethically sourced or run out of cash flow when it comes time to order the quality materials they’ve built their reputations on. B-Corps and businesses like them need solid financial planning and a strategic approach to executing day in and day out.

That’s where we come in. The SLC Group was born to serve companies on a mission. It’s where our expertise in finance and cash management meets our passion for moving the world forward. We know that the future of our planet depends on the success of companies that are doing good work, and we know that great cash flow management is key.

If your business is built to make a difference in the world, we want to work with you. Connect with us and let’s chat about your goals and your challenges. We want you working with financial professionals that share your passion and your vision because those are the professionals who will be dedicated to your success. We know the alternative is not an option.

We need you. And we’re here to help you win.


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