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*Two to the Future* - Funding Youth Financial Literacy Everywhere!

Did you know The SLC Group donates 2% of our revenue to organizations promoting financial literacy in the United States and abroad? That's right!!

Our *Two to the Future* program was created to make sure young people and their families have the financial tools and knowledge they need to thrive. For every dollar we bring in, we give 2% to a certified 501(c)3 organization dedicated to carrying out this mission.

Our latest recipient is an organization called the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy, a DC-based non-profit that exists to advance youth financial literacy. The coalition is made up of over 150 state and national organizations, and together they provide training, advocacy, and resources that ensure students across the country receive formal education on how to manage money WELL.

Check out their website to read more about the amazing work these guys are doing.

We believe businesses have a responsibility to help bring about a better world, so The SLC Group will always dedicate a portion of our sales to help lift others. Youth-focused financial literacy programs go a long way towards creating a more sustainable economy, eliminating generational poverty, and creating equitable opportunities for our young people.



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