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One money management tool that will literally change your life...

I'll be honest: I've been on some baaad dates. Boring ones, annoying ones, all-around weird ones. And I've been on some great dates - like, "Stop the car, this is way too good! Where have you been all my life?!" dates. (Someday I'll write about my first date with my now honey four years ago. Now, that was really something!).

But what every one of them - the good, the bad, and the... wait, what just happened? - have in common is that they taught me something valuable. I learned about myself: what I want that I didn't know I wanted, what I'm totally not okay with feeling, and what it takes to feel comfortable and at home with someone, as opposed to performing for approval. And I learned about people, including how to show up so they feel comfortable and at home with me, too.

Dating is the process of getting to know another person more intimately so you can nurture a relationship that is fun, fulfilling, and healthy for both parties. It involves intentional time, curiosity, playfulness, and a genuine desire on both sides to connect and enjoy each other's company. Once you've decided to commit to a relationship with someone, dating deepens the connection, brings novelty and adventure, and provides experiences that allow you to grow together as people.

Silhouette of man and woman kissing against the backdrop of a beach sunset.
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Whatever your dating history, when it comes to your money, it's a good idea to begin thinking of it in terms of a relationship you intend to deepen and nurture throughout your life.

Make no mistake: Money desires a healthy relationship with you. You can't escape money; it is intimately intertwined with nearly every aspect of your life. It's not some static, fixed "thing" over there that is separate from you. Like a spouse or partner, it is constantly working alongside you, creating experiences, achieving goals, making messes, and generally impacting the shape and quality of your life.

And so, if money is such an essential and inescapable part of your existence, wouldn't it make sense to foster a relationship with it that supports the life you want to create for yourself?

Like a partner, money needs to be approached with intentionality, positive affirmation and gratitude, direct communication, honesty, healthy boundaries, and a sense of authenticity and at-home-ness. The result is joy, excitement, comfort, at-easeness, and confidence that you can weather whatever life throws at you.

For many people, creating that relationship with money takes time and some serious unpacking of long-held fears and beliefs. For others, it just takes a bit of commitment - a willingness to spend intentional time getting to know your money, communicating your desires, and making plans to execute so that those desires are fulfilled.

If your beliefs around money are problematic - "Money is bad. Money is the root of all evil. I'll never have enough. I'll never be good with money. If I have too much money, I'm bad. Etc." - I invite you to dig into that. There are some tremendous money mindset coaches and thought-leaders out there who will help you reframe those beliefs and create a new set of possibilities around money.

But, if, like many, your dissatisfaction with money feels... simpler. Like you just don't know what you don't know about how to manage it well, or you're just not comfortable with your own skill and savvy in relationship with it, I'd like to offer a solution that has worked for me and countless others.

We're talking about Money Dates.

Money Dates are just what they sound like: Dates with your money to get to know each other. To recap how things have been going, to chat about the future, to have experiences together that draw you closer and bring comfort and knowing to your interactions.

While the content of a Money Date can occur as a bit bland (um... is there anything less sexy than reviewing Accounts Payable?), the reality is that spending regular, intentional time with your money is what fosters that sense of comfort and confidence we all want in any relationship. Finding ways to create joy and curiosity as you spend this time with money will enhance every aspect of your life where money is involved (which, as we've established, is everywhere, yes?).

So what is a Money Date, and how can you as a business owner incorporate this tool into your life in a way that's meaningful and yields results quickly?

That is exactly what our latest download was created to address!

If you're tired of feeling separate and disconnected from your money, if you know there's potential you're not quite capitalizing on, if you're not sure where to start, I invite you to download our workbook and commit to regular Money Dates with your business's cash.

Click this link to download the resource. Think of it less as a money management tool and more as the toolbox itself.

We want you to love money. Love how it empowers and supports you, love what it makes possible, love the process of growing deeper in relationship with it over time. Loving money and having a relationship with it that fulfills you takes committed time and effort, and we created this structure as a place to start.

If you love this resource and want to learn more about how you can work synergistically with your money, please get in touch with us! We love guiding business owners toward healthy, loving relationships with their money, and we know it's possible for everyone.



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