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NEW Money Worth Mentioning Series! Highlighting Great Content Across the Web

Our new weekly series will bring together some of the best cash flow tools and strategies and showcase them all in one place.

At The SLC Group, we take a community approach to delivering value. As much as we love creating new, awesome content to help our readers make smart financial decisions, we realize there is already a ton of great info out there - and we want to celebrate it!

Beginning this week, we're launching a new series called Money Worth Mentioning, where we'll share some of our favorite posts related to business finance, cash management, accounting, and other savvy money strategies.

This week, we're kicking it off with a post by Jason Andrew, published a few years ago on's Stark Naked Numbers. Demonstrating that content doesn't need to be brand new to be highly relevant, Jason's review of the Profit First system is insightful and clarifying for business owners considering implementing Profit First.

While we would like to have seen a bit more in terms of his actual experience working with Profit First clients as well as their wins and challenges with the system, the overview Jason provides on how PF works is fantastic. We highly recommend readers who aren't familiar with Profit First to give this one a read.


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