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Any big dream begins with a tiny seed.

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

A few days ago, one of my besties – founder and president of the Colorado-based candle company, Pearl Street Lights – sent me this little gem from February 22, 2018.

For anyone else, this random snapshot could be nothing more than a free stock photo on Shutterstock or Pexels. “Smiling woman working on computer.” No big deal.

For me though, this moment was golden – a turning point in my life that I’m astonished and grateful to see eternalized in this photo. What my dear friend so lovingly captured was me pressing “Go!” on my dream of running my own business.

On the screen, my new business Gmail account was becoming a reality. Minutes later, I would be filing the articles of organization for my new LLC. Those two simple actions – a free email address and a $10 legal document – were the first steps in creating what has become The SLC Group as we know it today.

I started my company in 2018 with the vision of supporting other entrepreneurs in building GOOD businesses – companies that make a tangible difference for their founders, employees, clients, communities, and the world.

For the entire time I’ve operated this enterprise – first as a side-hustle and now as my full-time passion project – I’ve dreamed of bringing financial confidence and peace of mind to passionate, talented business owners who are up to something. I’ve wanted to know that my skills and genius zone are being used in service of something worthwhile: transforming the way we think about and operate businesses in the world.

That was four years ago, and today, we are well on our way to realizing this vision.

All of this, and it all started with a Gmail account. How wild, eh?

If you’re a mission-driven entrepreneur who’s interested in working with The SLC Group, send us a message or book a time to speak with us. We’d love to be a part of your dream come true.



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